Save Money On Haircuts

Personally I can’t imagine a haircut costing much money, so MainStreet’s list of 18 ways to get a cheap haircut seems like frugal overkill to me. But then again I’m a guy and I’m going bald, so I just use clippers to avoid the sadness of listening to scissors snip away at nothing, and consequently I don’t really know much about the world of hair salons. Apparently a good haircut for a woman can cost a lot of money, unless you know how to find a bargain.

Some of the tips are just common sense, but here are a few good ones that you may not have thought about.

  • Look for new salons opening in your town, since they’ll be looking to build their clientele and might offer special deals.
  • A similar strategy for established salons is to ask whether a junior stylist is available, who will usually offer his/her services for less to build a reputation.
  • Become a hair model! This works best for women with longer hair that’s in excellent condition, says MainStreet, and it may still cost you some money, but nowhere near as much as a regular haircut.

“18 Ways to Get a Cheap Haircut” [MainStreet]

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