Delta Passenger Fights Satan, Sprays Others With Water

A Delta flight from L.A. to Florida had to make an emergency landing in Albuquerque, NM on Friday, after a first class passenger sprayed people with a water bottle from the beverage cart, threatened to “bring down” the plane, and shouted, “Get behind me Satan,” apparently referring to a flight attendant.

The guy’s ex-wife says he suffers from bi-polar disorder, and New England Cable News says he was not allowed to re-board the plane on his initial flight from Tampa to L.A. the week before.

But there were other indications Stanley might have had trouble aboard a plane. On his flight from Tampa out west, he was not allowed to re-board the plane during a layover in Denver. Police were called to the United terminal because of an incident between Sheffield and some employees. Police did not make an arrest, instead helping Sheffield find a Southwest Airlines flight to Los Angeles.

He stayed out of trouble until Thursday night, when he forced the Delta flight diversion, and wound up behind bars in Albuquerque.

“Ex-wife of Stanley Sheffield: ‘He needs help'” [NECN]

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