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American Airlines Ditching Seatback TVs In Some New Planes. Will They Be Missed?

Not that long ago, “in-flight entertainment” consisted of having to crane your neck to watch a bland, inoffensive movie on shared screens — and that’s assuming your headphones worked. Then individual seat-back screens expanded viewing options; more movies, shows, and games to choose from. But with nearly everyone now carrying some sort of personal entertainment device, are these small screens necessary? American Airlines doesn’t think so. [More]


Delta To Offer Free In-Flight Streaming Entertainment Starting Next Month

If movies and TV shows make your flying experience more enjoyable, Delta Air Lines has some good news for you: by July 1, the carrier will make all of its in-flight entertainment for free.  [More]

Delta Passenger Fights Satan, Sprays Others With Water

Delta Passenger Fights Satan, Sprays Others With Water

A Delta flight from L.A. to Florida had to make an emergency landing in Albuquerque, NM on Friday, after a first class passenger sprayed people with a water bottle from the beverage cart, threatened to “bring down” the plane, and shouted, “Get behind me Satan,” apparently referring to a flight attendant. [More]

One Man's Publicity Stunt Is Another's Vision Of Hell

One Man's Publicity Stunt Is Another's Vision Of Hell

I mentioned comedian and filmmaker Mark Malkoff in passing in a post about Starbucks last week, not knowing that he would embark on a new project this week. He’s making a career out of bizarre feats of consumer endurance, such as visiting all 171 Manhattan Starbucks outlets in one day, and living in the Paramus, NJ IKEA for a week. Now, as part of a campaign to publicize AirTrain’s new in-flight wi-fi, he’s living on an AirTran plane for 30 days and posting his adventures on the Internet. Yes. That’s an entire month. Most of which will probably be spent on the tarmac in Atlanta.

Continental’s In-flight Headphones Make Ears Bleed

51-year-old Vanessa Saunder is suing Continental Airlines after defective in-flight headphones blew out her hearing. She says that mid-flight,