Get Full Access To NYC Subways For $27

Want to save a few bucks next time you visit New York City? Pick up one of these handy keys that can open the entrance to every subway gate and turnstile in the city’s transit system for just $27. Just be ready to be locked away without a key if you get caught, since the all-access passes are illegal.

The New York Daily News tried out one of the keys, which are supposed to be used only by transit workers and police.

The Daily News tried out the key at 15 stations across the city, including Yankee Stadium on the B line in the Bronx, Junction Blvd. on the No. 7 in Queens and 68 St. on the Lexington Ave. line.

It worked every time.

Police said scammers are not only riding around for free, they are furtively selling entry to the subways for less than the $2.25 fare at unstaffed entrances.

According to the Daily News, the keys can be purchased from rogue transit workers. “If you find an area that’s not supervised by the police, you’re in. It’s like a key to the city,” one satisfied customer told the newspaper. The NYPD has arrested 15 suspects this year for using the keys.

Get magic keys that open the gates at 468 subway stations for only $27 [New York Daily News]

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