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NYC Finally Phasing Out MetroCards, Will Let Riders Pay Transit Fares With A Tap

While a number of other U.S. cities’ mass transit systems have already moved beyond plastic swipe cards and now use fobs or other smart keys, New York City with more than 450 subway stops, nearly 250 miles of track, and around 600 buses, has not made that next-gen leap. But now the Metropolitan Transportation Authority will finally begin to phase out the use of MetroCards over the coming years. [More]

Who Knew Tinder Allowed Minors On The App?

Who Knew Tinder Allowed Minors On The App?

If you’re under 18, it’s time to find a new way to seek out suitable peers for the purpose of dating: Tinder is changing the rules, and will only let adults use the app from now on. Wait, what? [More]