UPS Plays Hide And Seek With My Packages

Ben says UPS is making a game of finding his packages, but it’s no fun because the carrier leaves him no hint of where he might find them.

He writes:

My fiance and I are getting married in a couple of months. Needless to say, we have started to get some gifts in the mail. Today we were walking into our house as we always do- through the back, and my fiance decided to check the front yard for weeds. When she walked around the side of the house, she noticed a pile of packages sitting up against the house. I checked them, and they were ALL UPS deliveries. Now I understand that many people appreciate the UPS delivery people not leaving packages in plain sight in front of the house, but I think we should have at least been told that they were sitting there!

During the past week, it has rained pretty heavily here. Luckily, none of the gifts were damaged, but I think it’s absurd that this has happened. We did not receive one slip in our mailbox or by the door to alert us that the packages were delivered. We never use the front door, and the packages likely would gone unnoticed for at least another day if my fiance hadn’t decided- by chance- to walk in the front yard.

I have attached two pictures to this email. One is a close-up to show the packages piled up like they were garbage. The second is to show the vantage point we have when we look out our front door. Simply put, there was NO way for us to notice these without walking around the house or coming in through the front door.

Where’s the wackiest place you’ve found your packages? Sometimes when I accidentally leave my garage door open I’ll find a package in front of my car, right by the doorway. A bit creepy.

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