How Far Can You Get On $10?

Earlier this month, CNN asked readers to see how far they could stretch $10. A lot of people chose unusual purchases or silly things, but there were some good ideas for tightwads too.

A man in NYC recommends buying a day-long subway pass for $8.25 and then spending the day going to free tourist sites and pay-what-you-want museums and zoos. A couple in Wisconsin spent their $10 on spinach seeds and gardening supplies, which by their estimate will eventually produce the equivalent of $1700 worth of supermarket spinach.

I would have spent mine on as many bags of discounted Easter SweeTart candies as possible, which is why I don’t have $10 but I do have a year’s worth of malic acid in my stomach right now.

“Around the world, how far can you get with $10?” [CNN]

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