Butter Is So Popular Right Now, It’s Causing A Croissant Shortage In France

If you’re traveling to France in the near future and have dreams of picking apart the delicate, flaky layers of authentic croissant, be warned that these beloved pastries may be in short supply when you get there. Why? Apparently because people are eating more butter. [More]


Florida Keys Will Officially Reopen To Tourists Oct. 1

If you had to delay a vacation to the Florida Keys because of Hurricane Irma, you’ll soon be able to follow through on your plan to visit Ernest Hemingway’s polydactyl cats: The Keys will officially reopen to tourists this weekend — which isn’t just good for visitors, but for the local economy as well. [More]

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The Future Of Tourism Is Public Toilets

There’s nothing that can ruin a great tourism experience quite like the intense need to go to the bathroom. That’s why officials in some U.S. cities are trying to figure out how to provide more public restrooms: If tourists have a place to go when they need to, they may be more likely to visit — and spend money — in those cities. [More]


China Using Facial Recognition In Public Restrooms To Prevent Toilet Paper Thefts

As part of China’s efforts to spur tourism with a “toilet revolution,” bathrooms at tourist sites will now use facial recognition to keep them from grabbing too much toilet paper. Yes, this means your face could be scanned in the john. [More]


Warm Winters Mean Bad Maple Syrup Harvests

If you live in the northeastern United States, you’ve probably noticed that temperatures are warmer than usual for this time of year. While that’s great news for most people, it’s terrible news for maple syrup producers, who are coping with low sap production and cloudy syrup. [More]


Should People Be Allowed To Smoke Up At Legal Retail Marijuana Shops?

So you’re visiting a state where recreational marijuana is legal. Congratulations! Now it’s time to get some of that green stuff and partake — but where are you supposed to get high if you don’t have a private residence? [More]


China Hoping Big-Budget “Toilet Revolution” Will Spur Tourism

Whether a tourist destination has dazzling scenery, famed museums, ancient ruins, or just really fantastic nightlife, there’s one thing all visitors want to find in foreign lands: plenty of clean public restrooms. That’s where China’s plan for a “toilet revolution” comes in. [More]

Feds Say New York’s “I Love NY” Highway Signs Violate The Law

Whether or not you actually feel affection toward New York, drivers cruising the state’s highways and byways are no doubt familiar with the proliferation of blue “I Love NY” signs that dot the roadside promoting tourism. But there’s one party that definitely doesn’t love the state for using those signs — the federal government. [More]

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No More Free Parking At 8 Las Vegas Casinos

Like the drinks you get while gambling, casino parking in Las Vegas is often a “freebie.” But if you’re planning a trip to Vegas soon, be prepared to possibly pay for parking or driving around to find a free garage to dock your ride. [More]

New York State Dismissed From Vacation Rental Lawsuit; NYC And Airbnb To Settle Soon

New York State Dismissed From Vacation Rental Lawsuit; NYC And Airbnb To Settle Soon

It might be only people who enjoy renting an entire apartment to vacation in New York City who remember the legal fight between the state of New York and Airbnb over a new state law. Last month, the governor signed a bill limiting rentals in New York City and imposes stiffer penalties on people who rent out entire apartments. While it’s a state law, the lawsuit has been dismissed, and it’s the city that will enforce the law. [More]

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Attaching A “Love Lock” To The Brooklyn Bridge Can Now Earn You A $100 Fine

All we need is love, or so they say, but the New York City doesn’t need padlocks declaring your heart’s desire on the Brooklyn Bridge anymore. [More]


Want A Sandwich From NYC’s Carnegie Deli? You’ve Got Until Dec. 31

If you’re the kind of person who visits New York City just for the sandwiches, you’ll probably want to pay attention: the famed Carnegie Deli announced it’ll be closing its flagship location by the end of the year. [More]

Google Debuts Personalized Travel Planner Dubbed “Google Trips”

Google Debuts Personalized Travel Planner Dubbed “Google Trips”

As anyone who’s ever found themselves standing around a police station in Spain at 3 a.m. calling mom back in the U.S. for their own hotel info can attest, it can be really tough when you’re lost in a foreign country or city without an Internet-connected device. Google wants to make those kinds of experiences easier and help travelers coordinate their activities with a new travel planning app called “Google Trips.” [More]

Hollywood Tour Buses Not Just Lying To Customers, They Could Be Putting Their Lives At Risk

Hollywood Tour Buses Not Just Lying To Customers, They Could Be Putting Their Lives At Risk

Last week we told you about the undercover report that found numerous Hollywood tour bus drivers charging top dollar to just point to random houses and pretend that celebrities live in them. But even if those vans and buses were telling the truth, a follow-up report shows that some drivers and vehicles are not fit to be on the road. [More]


Bad Hollywood Tour Guides Charge $50 To Tell Lies, Put Homeowners At Risk For Stalkers

You’d like to think that if you’re forking over a sizable amount of cash to be shown the sites of Hollywood, your tour guide would at least have some idea what they’re talking about. Yet a new report shows that not only are some of these tour buses apparently fleecing passengers; they’re also putting innocent homeowners in the crosshairs of potentially dangerous stalkers. [More]

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Fewer Foreign Tourists Means Kate Spade’s Sales Are Struggling

Much like fellow tourist destination Abercrombie & Fitch, Kate Spade is having a bit of a tough time right now, partly because there aren’t as many foreigners visiting the U.S. who are willing to shell out big bucks on shopping trips. [More]


New Airbnb Project Seeks To Boost Small Town Tourism

Airbnb is moving beyond assisting homeowners in renting out their properties, and is expanding into small town tourism with a new initiative that’s aimed at inventing new projects to draw in more hosts and renters in smaller, less-traveled communities.

Rio Olympics Selling Knockoff Versions Of Its Own Merchandise

Rio Olympics Selling Knockoff Versions Of Its Own Merchandise

In an effort to circumvent efforts by counterfeiters, organizers of the Rio Olympics have created a line of products that are, well, knockoffs of the Games’ official merchandise. [More]