Consumerist Shames Best Buy Into Rebranding Optimization?

If you’re even a semi-regular reader of Consumerist, you probably remember back in January when we blew the lid off Best Buy’s overpriced and unnecessary computer “optimization” deal. Well, that report has caused Best Buy to make changes to their optimization offering — problem is, all they’ve changed is the name.

A Consumerist reader identifying themselves as a Best Buy/Geek Squad employee wrote in to alert us that “optimization” has now become “Quick Tune-Up”. He also sent in the above image of the latest Geek Squad price list showing the new name — and the same old optimization.

Quoth the tipster:

Today my company had a meeting about new strategies and prices for our Geek Squad services… During the meeting, management actually mentioned your article, and informed us that because of the bad press given to the Computer Optimization, it is from now on to be referred to as a “PC Quick Tune Up.” It is the EXACT same service at the EXACT same price; the name is the only thing that changed.

If you’re unfamiliar with the to-do about optimization, for $39.99, a Geek Squad employee would run a few simple tasks (downloading updates, deleting trial software) that our tests showed did absolutely nothing to improve the performance of the computers.

We’ve reached out for comment to Best Buy and will update this story if/when they get back to us.

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