Some Best Buys Still Forcing Computer Optimization, Being Jerks

Michael just fired this EECB off to Best Buy. Apparently, not all stores have received the metaphorical (and literal) memo that they shouldn’t (1) Geek Squad optimize every computer in the store, and (2) be total dicks about it.

Michael writes:

I wanted to relate another horror story about shopping in your stores. I just purchased two NV53XX gateway laptops from the store in [redacted]. I went in knowing EXACTLY what I wanted… I wanted to get my wife a laptop as well too.

While she was deciding what she wanted I asked the store person to get my choice in laptop. He then attempted to sell me the geek squad services, which I politely declined and informed him I work on, troubleshoot, and repair computers for a living. He became upset with me when he offered an “optimized” laptop and I declined.

He began to argue with me and told me that I must register (and pay for) these services or I could not buy the laptops and that is how things are done in the best buy stores. I was then informed (what I was introduced as the manager, just to find out he was a department manager) I cannot purchase these laptops (we ended up with a matched pair) unless I also bought the geek services as well because we know how unreliable the parts in these laptops are… or so I was told… he then began to tell me he was in school to fix computers and his knowledge of these computers is better than mine, I was told that I was not allowed to buy the computers without these services.

I then told him I will go spend my $1,100.00 somewhere else and will inform Gateway as well as all the other manufacturers of the “new” requirement of the geek services purchases for the purchases of their computers. These Gestapo sales practices are offensive to me at best.

During this verbal struggle, another customer asked me for a bit of advice on the computer I was buying as well, he heard that I work for the Army’s I/T, and I was recommending to him the laptop that I was buying, the original sales agent came between us (me and the other customer) and stated that they are on commission and he (the employee) was offended and should not listen to me as I don’t know what I am talking about.

I was then told (by the “manager”) that I can get my laptops and leave. The original employee, picked up my laptops and made a beeline for the service center desk where he stood by the laptops while someone else check me out, until I swiped my card where he walked mumbling how “these people are so stupid”. This is not the first time I had a foul not bad but foul experience at this store… I PROMISE THIS WILL BE MY LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would have turned on my heel and taken my money elsewhere, but sometimes the need for a computer can’t wait.

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