Our New Parent Company, Kabletown, Launches Website

Welcome Readers, as you know, on April 1st, 2010, Consumerist was acquired by Philadelphia-based cable giant, Kabletown. Today we are excited to announce the launch of our new website, Kabletown.com.

Here’s a little taste of the excitement:

Why Kabletown with a K? Because K stands for the Kindness we show our customers, the Keen interest we take in their needs and because Cabletown with a C was already the name of a store that sold cable knit sweaters and legal said we had to spell it with a K.

We pride ourselves on being one of the nation’s leading providers of cable entertainment. We currently have over 100,000 employees nationwide and 6 international employees due to a flight mix-up we are still trying to resolve.

Speaking on behalf of GE Sheinhardt NBC Universal, the 6 people who are in the Valparaiso, Chile airport, and of course, Consumerist, we invite you to experience Kabletown.com… with a K.


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