Introducing The Vegan Double Down!

It had to happen eventually, but we are a bit surprised that it happened before KFC was even able to get their infamous Double Down (aka the bacon sandwich on fried chicken bread) to market — The folks over at Vegansaurus have put together this animal-friendly version of the Double Down.

As vegans, we’re of course bound by blood oath to be outraged by meat surrounded by meat and drizzled in dairy, especially when mass-produced by a megacorp dedicated to poisoning as many people worldwide as possible. But sometimes something is just too ridiculous to hate, and like a game of culinary marry-fuck-kill, we saw the Double Down and chose “fuck.”

The Vegansaurus crew have reverse engineered the Double Down and replaced everything — including the mysterious “Colonel’s Sauce” — with vegan analogs.

You will eat about half of this before realizing what a mistake it’s been. But until that moment, it will taste like sweet, deep-fried heaven.

Get the whole recipe and try it for yourself over at