Comcast Wants Me To Cut Down Their Cable Myself

We’re sure that with the snow and rain storms in recent months, service techs for all the cable companies have had their hands full with repairing service outages and reconnecting customers, but this is the first we’ve heard of a cable company just telling a customer to do their job for them.

Consumerist reader Sparky writes in to share his tale of how Comcast tried to get him to do their dirty work:

Several weeks ago snow falling from my roof managed to yank down the cable line coming into my house. Since them it has been hanging across my yard and blocking my driveway.

After determining the cable belonged to Comcast (Verizon and BGE both confirmed it wasn’t one of their service lines) I called Comcast to schedule a technician to come to the house and “re-tack” the line. I am not a current Comcast customer.

The individual I spoke with told be someone would be out to fix the line in 2-3 days. No one showed up.

I called back today (two weeks after the initial call) to find out what was going on, and to see when someone might be coming out. The person I spoke with today told me the request was still in the system, but no one would be able to come out to fix the line. He recommended I cut the line myself and remove it.

Really? Their response is to have a homeowner climb halfway up their house, cut a dangling utility cable and then – presumably – climb up a telephone poll to cut the cable free? While I am not currently a Comcast customer, this shoddy service all but guarantees I never will be.

Has this happened to anyone else out there?

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