Verizon CEO Won't Confirm Or Deny iPhone Reports

The rumor winds have been stirring for months about AT&T seeing an end to its iPhone monopoly with Apple set to launch a model that could work on Verizon’s network. Today, Verizon’s CEO would only admit that his company has expressed an interest in being able to offer the iPhone to its customers.

Appearing before the Council on Foreign Relations this morning, Verizon’s Ivan Seidenberg said his company has told Apple it wants to carry the iPhone, but wouldn’t comment on if that is in the works or if it’s still just on Verizon’s wish list.

The latest round of Verizon iPhone rumors stem from a Wall Street Journal report that Apple has not only created an iPhone that will run on the CDMA networks used by Verizon and Sprint, but that the company is ready to start mass production of these devices as early as September.

Currently, the device only works on the GSM network used by AT&T (T-Mobile also uses GSM).

It is possible that Apple could be manufacturing CDMA phones for the non-US market, thus allowing AT&T to maintain their exclusivity on the product.

Verizon CEO has told Apple of iPhone interest [Boston Globe]

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