Here Are A Bunch Of Deviled Egg Recipes

So, it’s Easter. You’ve found the eggs, and now you’re like WTF do I do with all these stupid eggs. Answer: Deviled Eggs.

We’ve scoured the internet and found some recipes for you to try, but what we really want is for our lovely commenters to post their favorites in the comments. By the way, we’ve tried none of these because we don’t care for eggs much, which is all the more reason we need your help.

Paula Deen Traditional Southern Deviled Eggs [Food Network]

Deviled Eggs with Tarragon [Chow]

Bacon Cheddar Deviled Eggs [allrecipes]

Spicy Deviled Eggs For Badasses [allrecipes]

Emeril Deviled Eggs [Food Network]

Extra credit to those of you who do this one:

Fried Deviled Eggs [Food Network]

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