VIDEO: Consumer Reports' First Thoughts On iPad

Like a few hundred thousand other people this weekend, our early adopting kin over at Consumer Reports got their hands on the iPad. And being the science-minded people that they are, they rushed right into the testing lab to begin running the device through its paces.

The team’s first impressions were generally very positive, with a handful of misgivings and concerns.

On the up side, the CR crew was pleased with the iPad’s:
-Ease of use: It’s responsive and the large on-screen keyboard works well.
-Color quality for e-reading: A big plus over other e-readers.
-More immersive gaming: Combining the larger screen with the iPhone’s accelerometer makes for a more enjoyable experience.

Now, the negatives:
-The weight: The testers found it to be overly heavy, especially for an e-reader
-USB charging “a bit hit or miss”: While the iPad is primarily intended to charge through its power cord, the testers had issues with charging the device while syncing.
-Smudge Magnet: Your fingerprints will be all over the screen in no time.
-Mirror-like surface: The reflective quality of the screen easily picks up bright light sources, severely limiting visibility.

Check out the whole video below:

iPad: Our team of expert testers speak out [Consumer Reports Electronics Blog]

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