Louis Vuitton Not Amused By Hyundai Ad, Wants Cash

If you were one of the millions of people who watched the Super Bowl in February, and you never got up for a potty and/or beverage break during the commercials, you might have seen a spot for Hyundai and you might have noticed a 1-second shot of someone holding a blinged-up basketball. And because of that, luxury thing maker Louis Vuitton has filed a lawsuit against the South Korean car company.

In the ad (check out the video below), Hyundai asks the question, “What if we made luxury available to everyone?” and features things like lobster for lunch in the cafeteria, cops eating caviar on the job, a giant yacht parked on someone’s lawn… and the aforementioned basketball featuring a pattern that Louis Vuitton says is just too darn close to their own brand.

In their complaint, LV claims the markings on the ball in the ad are “intentionally creating confusion” among consumers regarding any association between the companies.

The handbag folks allege Hyundai made the ad “to benefit commercially from the fame and renown of the LVM Marks by creating a false association between Louis Vuitton and its automobiles.”

And for their troubles, Vuitton seeks — among other things — triple damages, punitive damages and that the ad be taken out of circulation.

We’re wondering if they filed a suit against the guy who did this:


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