A Best Buy Dude Lied To My Friend To Convince Him To Buy An iPod

Nathan says a Best Buy salesman lied about the amount of memory on the last iPod left in stock in order to get his friend to buy it.

He writes:

A few weeks ago my friend Stan wanted to buy an iPod, and he is incredibly impatient so we went to BEST BUY about 10 minutes before it closed for the night. So we drove down to street with him to best buy to purchase a 120 gig iPod Classic. We got to the BEST BUY and Stan went straight to the iPod table and asked the salesman if he could purchase the 120 gig iPod and the salesman said he would have to check inventory to see if he had any left. He returned not 2 minutes later and told us that he only had one left and it was a bigger 160 gig iPod, which was more expensive, and it had GHOST ARMOR on it, and that it would be $30 extra.

I knew exactly what kind of scam they were trying to run so I told Stan that we needed to leave, that I wasn’t gonna let BEST BUY scam him into purchasing something he didnt need. Stan was impatient and wanted this ipod so he thought he could barter with the salesman. I started walking out the door and explained to Stan the simple fact that the ONLY iPod left in the store had GHOST ARMOR somehow already put on it which made it $30 extra, at the exact time he entered the store looking to purchase an iPod.

Stan refused to leave the store so I asked the salesman “Why does the last iPod have GHOST ARMOR on it?”, to which he replied “A lot of people want to buy GHOST ARMOR when they buy their iPods but dont want to wait 30 minutes while we put it on”

So Stan said, “How much is GHOST ARMOR?” and the salesman said $30. So Stan, thinking that he could defeat BEST BUY said, “Knock off $15 and you have a deal”.

So Stan bought the 160 gig iPod and I was furious. I explained to him that this is EXACTLY how BEST BUY scams people everyday into spending more money on stuff they didnt even want. Stan was speechless because im sure he knew he just got scammed but didnt want to admit it, his impatience got the better of him. He purchased a more expensive iPod with an unnecessary accessory because it was his only option at BEST BUY.

So we went back to my apartment to open up his 160 gig iPod and as soon as he opened the box he noticed that the iPod was in fact a 120 gig iPod, not the 160 gig that he had expected and paid for. BEST BUY had charged him for a 160 gigabyte iPod AND GHOST ARMOR and he actually got a 120gig ipod. Stan was furious. We were talking about an almost $70 difference. I was somewhat satisfied since I had warned him that this kind of thing happens all the time and that the salesmen at BEST BUY know exactly what they are doing, but Stan was too furious to hear me out and left.

He called a different BEST BUY and told them the situation and they exchanged it for him for the correct model WITHOUT Ghost Armor, and refunded him the difference. Most likely they did all this because he discovered their scam and they didnt want him to report it to anybody.

SO when you go to BEST BUY always know that you CAN look somewhere else if they are only offering you ONE option. DONT LET YOURSELF GET RIPPED OFF LIKE MY FRIEND!

If Nathan is telling the truth, the practice was inexcusable and his friend should be able to return the device for a full refund. Have you ever encountered such a blatant hose job?

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