Verizon Already Has Too Many Compliments, Doesn't Need Yours

Dave wanted to leave a compliment for a an especially helpful Verizon customer service representative. However, Verizon’s own system thwarted his good deed: Verizon’s customer service compliment line has a full voicemail box and can’t accept any more praise.

I wanted to leave a compliment for Dominic, an extremely helpful CSR in the Verizon high speed internet department in Tampa, FL. He connected me to the Compliment Line at [redacted]. To the amusement of both of us, the mailbox was full! This implies that either:

A: Verizon gets so many compliments that their mailbox fills up quicker than they can listen to the messages

B: They are not expecting any compliments so don’t bother to check the mailbox

Which do you think is more likely?

We redacted the number, which is real, in order to prevent a flood of calls to it. Instead, Consumerist rang it up ourselves and recorded the results. Have a listen.

It could be that they just don’t have the personnel to listen to and catalog the messages. Let’s be optimistic and say it’s that. It’s amusing, though, that the phone company can’t give itself an extra-large voice mail box.

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