Efficient (But Dumb) Bank Robbers Call Ahead To Place Order For Pick-Up

There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in line at the bank, right? That’s why a pair of impatient would-be robbers did the most sensible thing when they attempted to hold up a Connecticut bank yesterday — they called ahead.

According to police in Fairfield, CT, two men from Bridgeport, CT, called into a People’s United Bank on Tuesday afternoon. They told the bank employee to get a sack of cash ready (presumably one with a big “$” printed on it) because they would be showing up soon to collect their loot.

Ten minutes later, the pair made good on their promise and showed up at the bank, where they were arrested in the parking lot by the police, who had been notified.

The suspects, who one police sergeant describes as “not too bright,” were charged with robbery and threatening.

Police: robbers called bank to get money ready [Hartford Courant]

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