TJX Hacker May Have Also Been Working For The Secret Service For $75,000 A Year

Albert Gonzalez, the mastermind behind most of the multi-million dollar credit card breaches in the past few years, is being sentenced this week. (Feds are asking for 25 years.) Now his former accomplice, Stephen Watt, has told Wired that while Gonzalez was busy stealing and selling credit card data he was also being paid under the table by the U.S. Secret Service to inform on others, earning as much as $75,000 in cash annually.

The Secret Service wouldn’t comment on the accusation, but a former federal prosecutor told Wired,

“It’s a significant amount of money to pay an informant but it’s not an outrageous amount to pay if the guy was working full time and delivering good results,” says former federal prosecutor Mark Rasch. “It’s probably the only thing he was doing — other than hacking into TJX and making millions of dollars.”

“Secret Service Paid TJX Hacker $75,000 a Year” [Wired]

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