50 Things To Do With Your Money In Your 50s

Hank at Own the Dollar lists 50 financial moves to make in your 50s.

Here are a few of the most interesting pieces of advice:

Don’t buy gold from late night television. You do not need gold or other exotic investments in order to be diversified in your investments no matter how much it rises in the short term.

Continue taking a brown bag lunch to work and skip going out to eat

Consider starting a second career or starting your own small business

Switch jobs if you are not happy. Life is too short not to be working in a job or career that you are absolutely passionate about.

Do not let loyalty to a job, a boss, or an organization get in the way of a greater earning potential. There is no reward for job loyalty anymore.

“Stuff all your money in a mattress and get the biggest gun you can afford” did not make the list. For those who aren’t there yet, how do you plan on handling your money in your 50s?

50 Important Personal Finance Moves to Make in Your 50’s [Own the Dollar]

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