Hungry Robber Makes Off With $40 In Domino's Pizza & Wings

Yet another Domino’s Pizza delivery dude has been attacked. This time, the unfortunate victim wasn’t robbed of his cash, but of the pizza and hot wings he was attempting to deliver.

The incident took place just before midnight on Monday in Redwood City, CA. The 58-year-old driver was unloading his cargo from the trunk of his car when the suspect — described as having a stocky build and short black hair and wearing dark pants and a large short-sleeved T-shirt — knocked him to the ground and began demanding cash.

The driver, perhaps hearing about the Domino’s delivery guy whose boss wanted him to pay back the money that was stolen from him, refused to comply with his assailant. So, rather than flee the scene loot-less, the mugger took the food.

“The guy decided to steal the food in lieu of money,” a police officer said. In total, the robber got away with about $40 in food.

A similar thing happened last month in Georgia, where a driver was forced to hand over around $36 in wings to armed attackers.

Can we not do something to protect the pizza deliverers of this nation? This is getting out of hand…

Robber steals order from pizza guy in Redwood City [Mercury News]

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