UPDATE: Robbed Domino's Driver Doesn't Have To Pay Back $61

Last week, we wrote about the travails of a Domino’s delivery driver who was not only mugged on the job, but also told he had to repay the stolen cash to his boss. We’re happy to say that there’s an update to the story — and it’s good news.

The owner of the Domino’s in question now says that, because of the arrests that have been made in the case, the driver won’t have to repay the $61 stolen from him when he was attacked by five robbers while making a deliver in Raleigh, NC.

Initially, the store owner had sought to be compensated for the purloined cash because he claims it is company policy for drivers to never have more than $20 cash on them at any time.

But, as many Consumerist readers pointed out, that’s essentially an impossibility, unless each driver only makes one delivery before returning to the store to deposit the cash.

Domino’s driver won’t have to repay stolen money [WRAL]

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