Indiana County Won't Prosecute Stores With Redboxes

The Indiana prosecutor who sent letters threatening criminal prosecution to grocery and big-box stores containing video rental kiosks has decided not to prosecute because the general public thinks that the idea is incredibly stupid.

He announced the decision in a press conference on Friday. Since the relevant law depends on “community standards,” if the community finds kiosks valuable and such prosecutions a waste of time, there’s not much of a point.

“It’s not an exact barometer — I didn’t take a poll — but it just seemed pretty clear to me that the community would not be behind the prosecution of this,” Stan Levco said during Friday’s news conference. Well, Mr. Levco, Consumerist saved you the trouble and took a poll for you:


Happy to help.

Levco won’t prosecute over movie boxes [Evansville Courier & Press]

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