Salmonella In Common Food Additive Leads To Recall Of Pretty Much Every Food Ever

Hydrolyzed vegetable protein is a flavor enhancer, similar in composition and tastiness to the much-maligned monosodium glutamate, that is seemingly unavoidable. Thanks to salmonella contamination in the HVP paste at Basic Food Flavors, Inc. in Las Vegas, the FDA has recalled every food containing the product, ranging from salty snacks to salad dressings to soup and gravy mixes. The list of recalled foods containing the product is still growing, and encompasses familiar brand names ranging from Walmart’s Great Value brand to McCormick to Trader Joe’s. Now we now get to find out exactly how complex our food supply is and how widely used an additive HVP is.

As of this writing, there are 94 specific products recalled.

Salmonella Tennessee Identified in a Processed Food Ingredient [Press Release] (Thanks, Liz!)
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