Your Dying Words Better Be Your PIN, Or Verizon Will Bill Your Corpse

Don’t become too preoccupied with raging against the dying of the light — you have to remember to tell your PIN to someone before you die or Verizon will never stop billing your corpse.

That’s what happened to one Florida family, says the St. Petersburg Times.

They sent a death certificate, but Verizon still chuckled and hung up whenever the deceased’s daughter called to cancel his account. Why? Because she didn’t have his PIN.

“Well, there’s nothing else I can do for you,” the representative said before laughing and hanging up the phone.

“This is wrong,” a frustrated Lacy said. “I’ve already sent them the death certificate.”

The whole thing was holding up the settling of his estate (the man died last June), and it took a call to the media to clear things up.

Verizon admitted they didn’t handle things properly and have refunded the money.

Pinellas woman’s Verizon fight shows why PINs should be shared [] (Thanks, sdk!)

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