Lawyer Loses Coat, Threatens To Sue City Of Houston & Continental Airlines

If you’ve traveled enough in your life, you’ve probably made the mistake of leaving something in the airport or on a plane. But have you ever thought of filing a lawsuit against the airline? Or better yet the city in which the airport is located? Well, just like a middle-age, upper-class male version of Norma Rae, there’s a Texas lawyer willing to put his neck on the line for us all.

On Dec. 30, the legal eagle in question was at Houston Intercontinental Airport, waiting for his flight to Las Vegas when he accidentally left “an expensive black leather coat” at a food court restaurant in Terminal C. And now he’s hopping mad… and ready to spring into legal action.

In a letter sent on the letterhead of his own firm, the lawyer threatens the City of Houston (whose Houston Airport System operates the airport), Continental Airlines and food court operator Westfield Company with a lawsuit, lest they pay for his X-large Polo jacket (with a “plaid lining”).

Writes the charming fellow:

Each of the above-adressed entities are pointing their fingers at the other entities and all deny that they have the coat. Regardless of whether they have the coat, they were responsible for securing it and keeping it in a safe place for a reasonable time for the owner.

And while the letter’s author never says exactly how long he left his coat untended, he will never forget his experience at the food court:

I believe the name of the restaurant was Famiglia. However, I would volunteer to come to the airport and point out the restaurant and the person who waited on me. I remember her very well due to how badly she treated me.

He closes his legal letter by saying they have 10 days to pay the $800 before he files suit.

This offer is only valid for 10 days from the date of this letter, after which this offer is permanently withdrawn. The amount will continue to increase according to the court costs, attorney’s fees, investigation, expert witnesses and other damages available by law.

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