Chase: Just Ignore That Strange Patriot Act Letter Someone Sent You

Chris is not impressed with his recent interaction with Chase, his bank. He writes that he received a letter telling him that his credit card had been closed because it lacked Patriot Act verification. This would be less of a concern if he actually had the credit card in question. Chase told him to “go ahead and disregard” the letter. He’s now considering switching banks.

I received a letter from JP Morgan Chase stating that a card ending in XXXX is being closed due to not being verified by the Patriot Act. Funny little tid bit, I have two accounts with chase and one credit card that HAS been verified. So this none the less throws me off.

I called into their lovely Customer Service desk today to sort this mess out. The nice person bounced me to fraud, who then bounced me to closed accounts (who needs to get a new hold tone – being told over and over that “All customer representatives are busy”, repeated every 5 seconds, for the span of 15 minutes is annoying) who then gave me three numbers and bounced me to customer service, who bounced me to credit card, who bounced me to fraud. Oh, and then I was hung up on. None the less, during one of those awesome conversations a rep told me, and this is a true statement, “Go ahead and disregard that letter. That is not from us, you have no CC in the number, and it is bogus. Just be careful, sir”. Right?? So because you hold ALL my money, I get a fraudulent letter from “Chase”, I should be careful? Oh and you are doing nothing to help me? Got it. I will be careful.

None the less, I am strongly contemplating changing banks. Any suggestions on a bank choice? Live in Texas, would prefer a national bank.

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