BoA So Messed They're Incapable Of Taking Your Money

It’s a real junkyard over there at Bank of America. We have yet another complaint about their online system being so jacked up that it won’t even take your money. That’s the last thing you want to happen when you’re trying to pay your mortgage in these foreclosure-happy times. Jason has already escalated to the executive office, and they still suck.

Jason writes, “My wife and I had to refinance our home in January, so we didn’t have our first payment due for the mortgage until this month in March. At the closing, about 2 months ago, we filled out the autopay option and attached a cancelled check. I noticed that no money was taken out of our account as of March 3rd, so I called Bank of America. They said they did not have me set up for autopay and didn’t know what happened to the documents and cancelled check that they received with our closing papers (which I know they received). The person on the phone informed me that I must pay by coupon, meaning I had to send in my check along with a coupon identifying my home lone account number. I have received no mail from Bank of America, not a single piece. I asked how I was supposed to know that the autopay was not set up and that I was supposed to pay by coupon when they never even sent me a coupon.

I also tried to access my account online, but they have to mail you a passcode. Yet again, no mail has been received.

As I told the person I was talking to on the phone “I am trying to SEND you MONEY. In what bizarro universe does your bank exist where you I have to work this hard to try and send you money?”

The people I’m dealing with are the “executive customer service team” in the CEO’s office. Thus far they are quite polite, but have failed to call me back as promised.

I still don’t have the issue resolved. I’ll probably just send in a check with my account number on it and file a complaint with the BBB and my State’s Financial Institution division.”

Do it. And start sending in your payment by check with your account number on it, perhaps by certified mail.

Hey BoA, get some sysadmins on this shit. It’s getting ridiculous.

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