Ignore The Package, Pledge Fabric Sweeper Is Reusable

Pledge Fabric Sweeper seems cool for picking up pet hair from sofas and other surfaces. Basically it’s two sets of rollers with a hair catcher. Pledge admonishes consumers to simply toss it when you’re done, and presumably buy another one, but Jim found that it’s not that hard to empty and reuse them instead.

Jim writes, “Sticky tape rollers work well, but it sometimes takes 7-8 of them to clean a sofa, and it’s annoying to have to stop and roll off a new sheet every minute or so. Our vacuum cleaner has a “pet hair” attachment that works well, but sometimes you just don’t want to lug the vacuum all the way upstairs to quickly clean a curtain or something.”

Paying no heed to the package’s warnings to “not try to empty or disassemble disposable sweeper”, Jim found that, “if you hold the sweeper vertically and apply gentle, but firm, pressure to one of the rollers, it will pop out of its holder. You can then empty the catcher, carefully replace the roller and the sweeper will work like new!”

For a more advanced approach, I found this Instructable that shows you how to do it using a screwdriver and velcro

Take that, planned obsolescence!

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