Papa John's Heart-Shaped Pizzas Still Heartbreakingly Round

To celebrate Valentine’s Day and deliciousness, Shana ordered two heart-shaped pizzas from Papa John’s last night. Had she seen our post on this very same pizza last year, she would have been aware that the heart is a lie and the pizza is only vaguely heart-shaped-ish. But Papa John somehow managed to do even worse this year.

Screenshot.pngPapa John’s has a Valentine’s Day promotion for a heart-shaped pizza on their website.

My boyfriend LOVES the sh*t out of some pizza, so I figured it would be a nice gesture. Unfortunately, it arrived looking more like an apple (see attached photos). Maybe for President’s Day? Either way, it’s nothing like the picture shown on their website. On top of that, they only offer it in thin crust; it was horrible. I knew it wouldn’t be perfection, but I was thinking maybe they’d use some sort of large heart-shaped cookie cutter instead of what looks more like a dented crust.

I figured if anyone would understand my disappointment, it would be fellow Consumerist readers.

Indeed. Here are the heartbreakingly round pizzas that Shana received:

2010-02-13 18.17.50.jpg

Papa John’s Love (Pizza) Is A Lie

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