Yahoo And Twitter Announce Unholy Alliance Of Social Networking

Perhaps as a response to Google’s monumentally successful launch (at least in terms of irritating Gmail users) of Google Buzz, Yahoo announced on Tuesday that they have entered into a partnership of sorts with social networking biggie Twitter, apparently in an attempt to bring Yahoo up to speed with the rest of the Internet.

Soon, if you search for something on Yahoo, you’ll not only get your search results, you’ll also get “real-time” results on the topic from Twitter. Of course, Google and Microsoft have already each made similar deals with Twitter in recent months.

Yahoo also announced plans to display live Tweet streams on its various and sundry other properties. This is something that sites like and many others have been doing for quite some time.

And since you apparently shouldn’t go anywhere online where you can’t instantly Tweet about the chicken salad you’re eating, Yahoo users will be able to Tweet from anywhere within the Yahoo-niverse of sites.

“We believe that the content and context side of things is very unique,” Yahoo Vice President of Communities Jim Stoneham told Reuters, though we’re unsure he actually knows what any of those words mean.

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