Personal Finance Roundup

Two Simple Equations that Lead to Financial Success [Free Money Finance] “If you master these two equations alone, you will become wealthy.”

The 20 best money Web sites [CNN Money] “These sites have tools you can trust to help you make better money decisions.”

A Lavish Wedding Costs More Than You Think [Wall Street Journal] “The true cost of these things is more than most people realize. If they did the math, they’d probably get married in flip-flops.”

Seven Rational Things to Do When Financial Panic Hits [The Simple Dollar] “Here are seven things that you should attempt to do [when faced with a financial crisis.]”

Lifetime cost of bad credit: $201,712 [MSN Money] “If you’re not doing all you can to keep your credit scores high, you’re borrowing trouble — and you could pay a very heavy price.”


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