The Greatest Craigslist Room Rental Ad Ever

Maximize your Craigslist profits by crafting copy that really stands out. Like this guy’s rental listing that begins, “$500 HOLY CRAP! IS THAT A ROOM FOR RENT ON MY CRAIGSLIST??!?!?!?” and continues, “Do you want to be homeless? Then you better come check this room for rent out. It has WALLS and a CEILING. BLOCKS THE F****** WIND AND RAIN FOOL!”


If you enjoy funny Craigslist ads, you may also like this one for the self-described “hipster house cleaner.” He brings his own pair of skinny jeans. Not sure if he would get along as a roommate with this otherwise normal-looking Craigslist housing ad that has a lil’ surprise at the end: you have toagree to keep a record of your bowel movements.

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