Disney Store Apologizes For Refusing To Sell Stuff Without ID, Says It's Not Their Policy

Terry, who was annoyed that the Disney Store refused to sell his family less than $10 worth of stuff without ID, has sent an update.

Terry says that the district manager of the store called his wife at home and apologized “many times over” for the service the family received on that day.

Terry writes:

He said that everything just went from bad to worse. The employees are empowered to make the customer happy, and she should have said, “We like to see ID, however we understand your situation and it’s OK.”

The store has now been retrained and this will not happen again.

Also, A memo has been sent out company-wide, detailing the proper Credit Card acceptance procedures and this will no longer be an issue at any Disney Store.

Hey, good job Terry! It sounds like the Disney Store managed to keep a customer.

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