Top 9 Scams Of 2009

The National Consumers League released their top 9 scams of 2009 findings, based on the scams that get reported to their fraud center. An interesting trend is that business opportunity and fake scholarships scams made the list this year, no doubt capitalizing on the recession.

1. Fake Checks 42.01%
2. Internet: General Merchandise 24.87%
3. Prizes/Sweepstakes/Free Gifts 9.57%
4. Phishing/Spoofing 7.17%
5. Nigerian Money Offers (not prizes) 2.88%
6. Business Opportunities/Franchises/Distributorships 2.02%
7. Advance Fee Loans, Credit Arrangers 1.82%
8. Internet: Auctions 1.17%
9. Friendship & Sweetheart Swindles* 1.00%

Recession-linked scams on the rise in 2009 [NCL]

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