Experian Sued Over Deceptive FreeCreditReport.com Ads

Freecreditreport.com is getting class action sued, baby. Their ubiquitous singing ads make it sound like you’ll go their website and get a free credit report, but they don’t tell you that’s only after you sign up for a $14.95 monthly credit monitoring service. “FreeCreditReport.com tells people they will get something for free, and you do, but you have to pay for something else, and there’s not sufficient notice,” said John Balestriere, lead attorney. I agree, so I made up my own parody Freecreditreport song:

Well I was shoppin’ for a credit report, which one’s me?
Equifax, Transuion, or one called free?
Too bad I didn’t know bout annual credit report.com
Cause I gave up my credit card without any qualms
F-R-E-E should spell free,
Credit report dot com baby.
Saw their ads on my T.V.
Didn’t know bout the hidden costs or monthly fee.
Now instead of checking my credit and getting my history top rate
My bank account is crying and I’m bent out of shape
F-R-E-E is never free,
less you hit annual credit report dot com baby.

Remember folks, the place to go to get your free once a year credit report from all three bureaus is annualcreditreport.com. Accept no imitations, and never give up your credit card information to get what is supposed to be a free credit report.

Experian Sued For Its Deceptive FreeCreditReport.com Ads [Huffington Post]

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