United Stewards' "TMI" Session Nets Traveler $250 Coupon

Bucky Turco got a $250 credit for his next United Express flight after he complained about the two-hour gab fest between two United stewards he endured on a recent trip from SLC to ORD. In that time he learned from the two women such factoids as: Hispanics, Blacks and Asians shouldn’t go blonde, a type of birth control gave one of the stewards’ sister menstrual spots, how getting spit on is the ultimate disrespect, right up there with getting a shoe thrown at you like George Bush did, and more. Too much information!

The women were so loud and voluble that Bucky couldn’t get any sleep during the whole flight. He called United right afterwards and they swiftly issued him the $250 coupon, which he doesn’t plan on cashing in anytime soon.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll ever fly United Express again,” wrote Bucky. “Neither should you.”

United Express Flight Attendants Disgust Passengers With Oversharing, Inability To Shut Up [ANIMAL]

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