Lack Of Google/HTC Customer Service Is Problematic

The Google/HTC Nexus One has been out for two weeks now, but the poor customer service vortex has sucked in many Consumerist readers, devouring their access to a functional phone, as well as their 14-day grace periods for returns.

Reader Prashant reported that he couldn’t get HTC to send him a new phone to replace his deceased one. Now another reader tells Consumerist that he can’t get a FedEx label generated to return his phone that he wishes to return.

Matt writes:

I have been trying to return my nexus one for 5 days. After 5 calls I still have not received a return shipping label to my gmail account. Not even in my Spam folder.

First HTC told me that they sent a pickup to my home for the phone, then they said they emailed a new label but I never got it. I called back three times and I still have not got my label.

They keep blaming Fedex for not sending the label.

My 14 days return period is ticking away…

Nexus One Users Getting The Runaround From T-Mobile, HTC

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