Nexus One Users Getting The Runaround From T-Mobile, HTC

So if your Nexus One isn’t working… Who do you call? We think the answer is Ghostbusters, because it’s sure as hell not Google — and according to InformationWeek, it is also not T-Mobile or HTC.

Problem 1: Google doesn’t have a store you can go to to show someone your broken phone. They also don’t have a phone number. Your sole remedy is their website. It seems that people are finding this unusual and frustrating. It’s also sort of embarrassing for Google. With no other outlet of support, reporters can read every little screw up. Like, this guy who bought an engraved phone only to find out that he had one bar of reception in his cul-de-sac.

Problem 2: HTC says it’s T-Mobile’s fault. T-Mobile says it’s HTC’s fault.

From InformationWeek:

Spotty 3G coverage, whether its the Nexus One or Apple’s iPhone, is typical for today’s networks, so those complaints are not surprising. “Customers are going to complain about that for just about everybody,” Dulaney said. “There is always spotty coverage. That’s a buyer beware type of thing with all the carriers.”

But getting the run around is not typical. Customers report calling T-Mobile and being told that the problem lies with HTC, the smartphone manufacturer. Calling HTC, and they get told to call T-Mobile, because its a network problem.

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