Apparently, Replacing A Dead Nexus One Is Too Hard For HTC

Prashant loves Google’s software products and open policies, and decided to purchase a Nexus One on the very first day they hit the market. He writes that the phone he purchased was dead, and handset manufacturer HTC keeps making promises to send a handset that they never actually send.

I brought a Nexus from Google on the first day… the phone would not power up on arrival… this is when I discovered there was no number to call at Google and I would have to contact HTC to get it replaced… I opened a ticket with HTC within a couple of hours of receiving the phone… they promised to ship out a new phone in 24 hours… that was on Jan 7th – 8 days ago…

I have been calling HTC every day since… everyday they apologize and promise it will be out in 24 hours… emails to Google get a form reply to contact HTC…

This has been the most frustrating purchase ever in my life…

I brought the phone from Google, paid Google for it, Google has its logo on the phone – yet it seems they are only a storefront for buying the phone. Once you hit purchase – you have nothing to do with Google… the Nexus store is glorified “Google checkout” button – nothing more…

Prashant sought help on Google’s support forum, and received this utterly un-helpful response from employee Paul:

I’m sorry to hear about the frustrations you’ve experienced. As you’ve already discovered, the Nexus One’s hardware is built by HTC and they’re responsible for warranty replacement devices. Please continue work with HTC for information about your replacement phone’s shipping status.

Have you had success getting in touch with someone in power at HTC? Do you have advice for Prashant? Let us know. We’d recommend using the proud secrets of the customer service ninja to crack the upper levels of people with actual authority at the company. Good luck.

Love you Google.. but your customer service sucks… 8 days and still no phone
[Nexus One help forum]

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