Think Carefully Before Buying Diapers At Target

Reader Sarah was shopping for some diapers when she noticed something strange about Target’s pricing. Yes, the well-documented insanity continues in the diaper aisle…

Sarah says:

I was at Target last night picking up some diapers for my son when I noticed that the 54 count of Huggies Size 4 overnights were on sale for $18.99. “Nice!” I thought – until I looked on the second shelf and saw that the 64 count was sold at the same price – $18.99. When I looked at the tag under the “sale” tag on the 54 counts I saw there wasn’t actually a sale at all – the regular price is $18.99.

Oh they should take those tags away so shoppers like Sarah don’t slide the top ones over and take photos.

Will the insanity of Target ever cease?

1-20-2010 4-25-53 PM.jpg
1-20-2010 4-27-37 PM.jpg

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