Tips For Making Brownbagging More Interesting

Here’s my tip: change the definition of “brownbagging” to something dirty. But if that’s not going to catch on, and you want to continue to think of it as “bringing my lunch to school/work,” then here are a couple of tips from Wise Bread on how to avoid lunchtime boredom.

  • Use spreads like avocado, or unusual condiments like homemade horseradish sauce.
  • Use “add-ons” to give your sandwich a Subway effect:

    One of my favorite items is those bulk jars of banana pepper rings you can purchase in the bulk aisle at Walmart. For under five dollars you’ve got a bulk supply of a zippy little sandwich add-on that won’t spoil quickly.

There’s more over at Wise Bread, but you may find it too familiar to be helpful. (“Pack chips!”) So here’s where I turn it over to you: what sorts of cheap-and-easy tricks do you use to keep your homemade lunches interesting?

“Sex Up Your Sandwich: Ideas for Budget Conscious Brown Baggers” [Wise Bread via Lifehacker]

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