Time Your Purchases To Make Them Count

Writing on Get Rich Slowly, April Dykman cobbled together of a list of the best times to buy everything.

A sample of her wares:

•Real estate—March through August are active months for buying and selling, so a buyer looking for a deal will have better luck negotiating on an offer in autumn and winter.

•Flooring—Carpet and flooring goes on sale near the end of the year due to slow sales, though discounts are possible throughout the year from independent retailers.

•Furniture—January and July, when stores need to make room for new inventory.

•Gas grill—Like air conditioners, the best time to buy is during winter months, when
demand for outdoor grills is low.

•Cookware—April and May (think graduation and wedding prime time) and October and November (holidays approaching).

Is April’s advice on target? Do you have any other insider info to add?

The Best Time to Buy Almost Everything [Get Rich Slowly]

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