Print Your Own Consumerist Anti-Gift Cards

You’re running out of time if you want to get that special someone a gift they’ll cherish forever (or at least for a couple of minutes). And, right about now, you’re probably thinking that those stacks of gift cards in the supermarket don’t look so bad after all. Well, stop! If you’re really going to do that, give cash instead — and include a Consumerist Anti-Gift Card with it. If you’ve sent us a SASE, your card should be on its way to your door right now. If you still want us to send you one, feel free to follow the instructions here, and we’ll get one in the mail as soon as possible (you can always hand it out for Valentine’s Day).

For those of you who were too cheap to spring for a stamp, we’re gonna help you out, even though we probably should just let you get suckered into buying an Olive Garden gift card at 7-Eleven while you’re rushing to your girlfriend’s parents’ house on Christmas Eve. The zip file here has high-res templates for the front and back of our card. It’s designed to be printed out on glossy card stock with rounded corners, so if you’re going to be printing these at home, you’ll probably have to use two sheets of glossy photo paper, glue them back-to-back and then get one of those special scrapbooking scissors to do the corners. Yeah, would have been a lot easier to send us a stamp, bucko. But have a happy holiday anyhow, and try to be careful with those scissors.

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