Lady Foot Locker Wouldn't Let Me Keep My Receipt After A Return

Michael says Lady Foot Locker wouldn’t let him keep his receipt after he returned an item, and that this wasn’t the first time. He writes:

I’ve just had an experience at Lady Foot Locker today which I’ve also experienced numerous times in the past at other stores. Some stores attempt to keep your receipt after giving you a refund. I find this troublesome as I no longer have proof with my credit card company if there’s a discrepancy when my statement arrives. The purchase and return are of course two separate transactions which you could potentially need to correct with a credit card company.

While I still disagree with this policy, I’ve offset it to a degree by copying receipts whenever I’m returning something which only has one item on the receipt. However I find it particularly disturbing when they try to keep a receipt which has other items on it as in the case with Lady Foot Locker.

Is there any law/regulation which should prevent stores from doing this or perhaps some rules with the credit card companies?

Your site is very helpful and I’m glad to have found it.

A solid workaround is to make copies of your receipts, especially in the case of rebates.

So, legal experts — armchair or otherwise — is it kosher for stores to keep your receipts on returns?

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