UPS Dumped My Christmas Presents All Over The Street

Warren was expecting some gifts to arrive via UPS this week, and understandably hoped they might be dropped off in front of his door. That didn’t happen, he says, thanks to a snow storm and some less than diligent delivery efforts. He found his packages nowhere near his house.

He writes:

My name is Warren Wells and I live in Annapolis, MD. As I’m sure you know, the East Coast got hit pretty hard with a snow storm last week, leaving us with 21 inches. Though it stopped snowing late Saturday, the streets of our neighborhood were not cleared until Tuesday. Even then, the court that I live on was not plowed, leaving the 100 yards from the top of the street to my house covered with packed snow.

We were expecting a number of packages from Amazon and from relatives to arrive this week but wondered about the delivery truck’s ability to drive onto our street (which runs slightly downhill). Finally, on Wednesday, we found that our street had been cleared. On her way out of the neighborhood Wednesday night, my mother noticed what looked like a package buried in the snow on the side of the road. Stopping the car, she found that two packages for us and one for our next door neighbor had been simply placed in the road 100 yards from our driveway by UPS (we knew they were responsible by the labels on the boxes) before the street was plowed, and had subsequently been nearly completely buried after the plow came through.

Perhaps this is UPS’s policy when it comes to impassable streets, but had a small amount more snow been pushed up over the boxes, we would never have seen them. We would likely not have discovered them until the rain forecast for the next few days melted the snow and soaked the boxes and their contents. My mother is planning on contacting UPS today to lodge a complaint. I will keep you updated as to their response.

This sort of snowjob could have ended badly, but apparently Warren picked up all the sorta-delivered packages intended for him. Have you ever had packages suffer similar fates thanks to inclement weather?

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