SIGG Asks For Gift Certificate Code, Charges Debit Card Anyway

Four months in, customers are still experiencing problems with SIGG USA’s metal bottle replacement program. Amy writes that her purchase required her to input billing information, even though she had gift certificate code, her debit card was charged, and she has been unable to reach SIGG to obtain a refund.

Hello, I was a SIGG bottle holder who sent my bottles (3) to SIGG for their voluntary replacement program. I received my Gift Certificate PIN October 27.

A few days ago, I placed my order on using the Gift Certificate PIN as described in the letter. I immediately saw that shipping was free, however, it was still requiring my billing information (cc#, etc.). I entered that information, the order went through and I immediately sent an email to providing them with my order number and details asking they make certain I was not charged.

Well, as you can expect, I was charged and I have not received a reply to my email. The charge went from pending, to processed, with my bank yesterday.

Have you received information from other consumers with a similar experience? Do you have any suggestion on actions I should take? I have tried finding executive email address to no avail. I am considering calling my bank and disputing the charge, but not sure how much success I’ll have in this situation.

SIGG CEO Steve Wasik’s office can be reached at, or Do any other bottle exchange veterans have advice for her?

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