Water Bottles Marketed To BPA-Fearing Parents Contained BPA All Along

I may as well attach my Nalgene bottles to myself with steel cables, but it seems like everyone is switching over to metal bottles because of the public’s new-found fear of plastic additive bisphenol-A (BPA.) One of the major manufacturers of aluminum bottles, Sigg, recently admitted that the plastic liners of their metal bottles kind of, um, contained BPA. Cue uproar.

Children’s safety products blog Z Recommends notes that this puts the company in a bad position going forward.

..The epoxy lining used for years in SIGG bottles – which they secretly swapped out for a new liner last summer – contained the hormone-disrupting chemical bisphenol-A. There’s more to the story than that, but the bottom line is that this company is in a very vulnerable position, and there are a couple of factors that will make it hard for them to claim the high road on this issue.

Bottles manufactured after August 2008 contain no BPA whatsoever. Sigg argues that consumers shouldn’t worry, because their tests show that the liner doesn’t leach BPA into the bottle’s contents—it simply contains the substance. So why did it take the company a year to admit the change?

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